Signature Service

Because retail and professional clients are experiencing a significant increase in the number of bad checks, we discovered they desired a service that would give them more protection. Signature Service provides proactive check verification to weed out bad checks at the point of purchase, and a reactive recovery services for any bad checks that slip through verification.


Benefits of Signature Service

• Internet-based virtual terminals or counter scanners electronically search 280 million business and personal checking accounts. Approve or decline codes provided within seconds at the point of sale before goods/services are released.

• If the check is approved, our experience has shown this check has a 99.6% chance of clearing or being recovered, without a problem.

• Checks that slip through the verification process are immediately transferred to our check recovery service, which includes electronic and traditional recovery methods. We deposit 100% of the face amount of electronically recovered checks into your account.

• There are no minimum verification swipe requirements or restrictions.

Signature Service is delivered at a very low cost and makes accepting checks as safe as cash or credit cards. Contact us to discuss your needs and how Signature Service can help protect you from bad checks.

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