Electronic Check & ACH Recovery

checkbook-calculator film grain 72Check 21 legislation passed in 2003 allows us to electronically pursue recovery of bad checks and ACH transactions. Here are the benefits our service can offer you and your business.

• Receive 100% of the face value of the bad checks/ACH transactions we electronically recover.
• Avoid uncomfortable/embarrassing customer service problems for yourself and your staff.
• Bad check writers are listed on the largest national negative database until funds are recovered.
• Access to our secure website allowing 24/7/365 viewing of dishonored items in your account.
• Receive notification and recovery reports.

Checkmarc is a FREE service with no contract fees or equipment purchases, and is 70%+ better than the national average for merchants attempting to do collections in-house.

With Checkmarc Electronic Check & ACH Recovery, you have the freedom to accept checks with confidence! We follow all National Automated Clearinghouse Association rules and regulations.

Traditional Recovery

Chasing people down for your money is a thankless job, but an inevitable part of every business. If electronic recovery of a bad check isn’t successful, it immediately transfers to our traditional recovery service where every legal means available to collect your money is utilized. Cutting edge recovery software, letters and phone calls are used to recover your money. We negotiate payment schedules, provide skip tracing, report the bad check writer to the credit bureau and, if necessary, pursue legal remedies. We are always mindful of your customer relationships and work in ways that don’t offend or alienate your customers.

Checkmarc Check & ACH Recovery Service is an outstanding “reactive” service
dedicated to helping business owners recover dishonored checks or ACHs.

Electronic and traditional recovery methods are

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