CheckmarcUSA is the solution to your bad check headaches

money in hand 100s cropped webCheckmarcUSA offers solutions to your ACH and bad check recovery (RCK) headaches, and makes accepting checks as safe as cash or credit cards.

From electronic check recovery to our exclusive Signature Service, we have the solutions to improve cash flow, maximize staff time and attract new customers for individual businesses and those associated with large reseller networks.

When partnering with Checkmarc, feel confident you’re working with a company that holds itself to the highest standards. Our expertise, knowledge and strategic partnerships allow us to offer the highest-quality customer care with industry-proven results.

Electronic Check & ACH Recovery Service
Signature Service

Online Check-Tracking

With CheckmarcUSA, you have three communications tools at your fingertips to assist in tracking recovery activity, remittance and general account status. First, a notification is faxed or emailed to you when a dishonored check is received at our National Processing Center. Second, a reimbursement reconciliation notification is faxed or emailed to you when funds are recovered and ACH deposited into your account. And lastly, you have 24/7/365 access to our secure website for dishonored item activity tracking.

Electronic and traditional recovery services are