Checkmarc FAQs


100 percent film grain 72Why should a merchant use Checkmarc?

• Outsource dishonored check recovery to experts.
• Receive 100% of the face value of funds recovered.
• Keep up with our activity via notifications and through our secure Web portal.
• It’s FREE!

How does Checkmarc recover  returned items?
We electronically process and attempt to recover all dishonored items. We then submit recovered funds via direct deposit through the ACH network.

Is Checkmarc effective?
Yes. Historically, statistics show our recovery rates for some merchants increase as much as 60%, resulting in an overall recovery rate of 80% to 85% on average for NSF checks.

Does Checkmarc provide both electronic check re-presentment and traditional recovery?
Yes. If electronic check re-presentment is unsuccessful for a dishonored item, we provide traditional recovery methods, which include registered letters, telephone calls and listings on national negative databases.

How will Checkmarc send notifications that a check has been returned?
When a dishonored item is entered to our system, an automated fax or email notification is sent. The status of any dishonored item in our system may be followed through our secure Web portal. This includes images and status for each item in our recovery process.

How and when does Checkmarc provide reimbursement of recovered funds?
Recovered funds are automatically direct deposited into the merchant’s bank account every Friday for the previous week’s recoveries.

How much does Checkmarc cost?
Checkmarc is a free bank-branded service with no enrollment or set-up fees, contracts to sign or software to purchase. FREE really means FREE.

Then how does Checkmarc make money?
After recovering the face value of a dishonored item, Check 21 rules and regulations allow us to draft a state-authorized recovery fee from the dishonored check writer’s account.

What other businesses use Checkmarc?

Literally tens of thousands of businesses and banks utilize Checkmarc for dishonored check and ACH recovery. We’ve enjoyed endorsement from hundreds of businesses, banks and state/national associations.

What must a merchant do to inform a customer about Checkmarc services?
We provide point-of-sale decals and recommend that information also be included on business websites.

What is Checkmarc’s compliance policy?
Checkmarc provides a comprehensive due diligence package for each bank considering our services. The package includes a bank reference letter and the entire package is updated annually.

How do I contact Checkmarc?
Feel free to email us at

Or, you may call us at:

573.442.9151 Corporate Office
800-641-9998 Processing Office

We look forward to serving you!