Client Testimonials

I’ve asked our VP of Deposit Operations more than once how the Checkmarc service is going…she’s just happy as a clam!  We’re thrilled to be with you guys, and I’ve started talking up our new re-presentment product when I introduce myself at Chamber events, etc.
SVP Commercial Sales, Texas Bank

We are grateful for the business partnership we have with you. It’s so nice to work with such wonderful people!
VP eBanking & Cash Management Services, South Dakota Bank

It is truly a pleasure to work with the entire Checkmarc/PayTek team! We look forward to another awesome year!
Business Development VP, Tennessee Bank

Our merchant clients are thrilled with free check recovery from Checkmarc and we like the revenue sharing and increase in our deposit volume – nice work.
COO, Missouri Bank

By partnering with Checkmarc, we can now offer a check recovery service that helps our commercial customers recover bad checks and electronic payments. It is a Win, Win Solution! We are very happy with the product and our customers have had positive comments as well.  I recommend Checkmarc to any financial institution looking for services to add to their commercial products.
VP, Texas Bank

I am excited to finally find a check service that works. Having tried numerous companies with the same end result, I was about to give up. In addition to great customer service, the check recovery is the best I have ever seen.
Outerwear company, Denver, Colorado

We appreciate the great relationship we have with you and the rest of your staff at Checkmarc and PayTek. It has been a pleasure working with all of you from implementation, to where we are today, and well into the future. Thanks again for giving that extra special service that makes a REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE!!
VP Cash Management Services, South Dakota Bank

It was pretty hard to say no to a free program. Everything has been as easy as you promised.
Director of Operations, Oklahoma Bank

We were a little skeptical of a free program, but trusted our bank and now we are glad to have Checkmarc services. You are recovering many more bad checks than we have experienced in the past.
Owner, Missouri Grocer

Checkmarc did an excellent job of keeping us on task and informed during all phases to our implementation. They were very patient with our requests for additional discussion to make sure everyone on our team was comfortable with the service they provide. We have received many positive comments from our customers regarding the quality of service provided by Checkmarc.
CFO, Minnesota Bank

Checkmarc did a great job of staying in touch, listening to our concerns, finding timely solutions, and resolving any issues. In addition, their processing partner, Paytek Solutions, is very responsive and provides good information. We believe the service has had a positive impact on our retention of clients.
SEVP, Missouri Bank

Everyone associated with the Checkmarc is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The product deployment was orchestrated flawlessly by Checkmarc. They left no detail to chance. The staff training was very beneficial and the ongoing relationship has been easy and efficient. The decision to add Checkmarc as one of our trusted partners had proven to be beneficial to the bank and our customers as well.
VP Treasury Services, Oklahoma Bank

We are very happy with the ease of tracking information and our customers are very happy. We would not hesitate to refer them to other financial institutions.
EVP, Iowa Bank

Our school district has been very pleased with the check recovery services from CheckmarcUSA.  The transition to changing check recovery companies was very smooth & we appreciate the kind customer service & timely reporting services offered by both Checkmarc USA & their processor, Paytek Solutions. Thank you!
Texas School District